What are cut studs and where can you use them?

Did you know that at the SRM Galvanised Fasteners Cutting Shop, we provide cut studs to the construction industry?


Cuts Studs / Anchor Studs are used in the construction industry to anchor structures to the ground or the walls, so that buildings can be framed and create partitions. This means that rooms, and spaces can be divided, depending on their size and predetermined use.


The process is achieved by drilling a hole into the floor or the wall and then filling it with a special chemical resin, followed by adding a threaded stud rod. Once it has set, it allows the stud to fix into place.


This construction system creates an extremely sturdy anchor point to fix further materials in place to build a structure.

Cut Studs supplied by SRM Galvanised Fasteners

If your construction, fabrication, or engineering business is looking for a UK supplier in cut studs / anchor studs, then our team at SRM Galvanised Fasteners can help.


Available in 4.8 / 8.8 / 10.9 A2 AND A4 GRADES IN DIAMETERS FROM M8 UP TO M52 and in a variety of cuts including straight cut, 45◦ angle cut, or chisel point, our cut studs are supplied in a variety of finishes, such as self-colour, zinc plated and galvanised. In addition, we can supply chemical resin capsules on request.


To find out more about how our cut studs’ range can deliver to your company, please contact us or make an online quote enquiry. You can also find out more about our cutting shop service and our in-house cutting machines, by visiting our cutting shop website page.
Don’t forget that we also provide a full range of fasteners for exterior use in the construction industry. Our ranges include bolts, galvanised bolts in 8.8 & 10.9 head hex screws, socket screws, studs & threaded bar, washers, and nuts.