What are Countersunk Socket Screws?

Countersunk socket screws are also known as a allen head screws or bolts. Designed with a hexagonal inset in the head of the screw. The inset enables a hex wrench, allen key or insert bit to accurately drive the screw into the material.

Countersunk socket screws are perfect for using with power drive tools. The hexagonal inset provides an exact fit for an allen key or insert bit. This gives more control when driving the screw, as opposed to a slotted screw whereby the tool can move more freely.

Generally, the countersunk socket screw is applied to a pre-drilled hole to fix two pieces of material together. The screw application should appear flush or just below the surface as it beds into the hole to provide a neat finish.

HDG Countersunk Socket Screws for outdoor use

Available in DIN7991, Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) Grade 10.9, in a range of diameters and length and supplied by SRM Fasteners. Our hot dipped galvanised process protects the screws from external weather elements. It also defends the components against possible corrosion and rusting in the rain. By withstanding longevity and reliability through this process, countersunk socket screws are ideal for the manufacture of outdoor garden products, construction, engineering and automotive assembly.

The HDG process involves cleaning the screws before applying a flux solution. Adding to this, plunging them into an extremely high temperature of 460°c molten zinc until the screw itself reaches the same temperature. As the steel reacts with the metal and zinc / iron alloys are formed on the surface which creates the protective coating. Finally, the screws are spun in baskets to remove any residue. This creates a smooth finish before being quenched in cold water and left to naturally cool, ready for preparation to dispatch.

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