What are galvanised bolts?

Our galvanised bolts, involve a process known as Hot Dipped Spun Galvanised. This process protects the bolts from the external weather elements which defends the components against corrosion and rusting in the rain.

This means that SRM Fasteners’ galvanised bolts are ideal to use in the manufacture of products used outside. Ideal for both commercial and domestic markets for industries such as construction, engineering, automotive and marine, and outdoor homeware our bolts will sustain longevity and reliability.

The process for creating galvanised bolts

  1. In the first instance, the bolts go through a pre-treatment whereby they are stripped back. Their clean base steel is cleaned and any grease or oil contamination is removed.
  2. Secondly, a flux solution is applied to the bolts. This is when the galvanizing reaction takes place so that it can adhere to the fastener.
  3. The bolts are then placed in baskets which are lowered into an extremely high temperature of 460°c molten zinc. They are left until the bolt components increase to the same temperature of the zinc.
  4. Throughout this process, zinc / iron alloys are formed across the surface of the steel as the molten reacts with the metal.
  5. The basket of bolts is then removed from the zinc. At which point the surface of the bolts quickly begins to solidify. The baskets are then spun, so that any extra zinc residue can be removed. This prevents the newly galvanised bolts from sticking to one another and to create a smooth surface.
  6. Finally, the newly galvanised bolts are plunged into a quench tank, to allow them to cool. They are then dried so that they are ready for packaging and dispatch.

Does your business require galvanised products for your manufacturing processes? SRM Fasteners offer a diverse range of galvanised components including Bolts, Nuts, Screws and Washers. To find out more please contact us or register for our online catalogue at: https://srmgalvanisedfasteners.co.uk/